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About Classic Mandarin
Classic Mandarin
---- your private professional Chinese language training classroom.
Classic Mandarin Language Training School is one of specialized Chinese language training Institute. Our Institute aims at providing Chinese training and promoting cultural exchange at all levels for the foreigner living in shenzhen and the overseas Chinese, with the purpose of strengthening Chinese and foreign cultural exchange. We strive to perfect our Chinese Training with good faith and dedication.

Our features
1.Your private professional Chinese language training classroom.
Classic Mandarin Language training School aims at training and promoting cultural exchange for the foreigner at all levels living in shenzhen and for the overseas Chinese.
2.Our team of dedicated teachers aim to perfect our students knowledge of communicating in the Chinese Language.
3.Our Institute – has completed a study of the behavior and the business priorities of the Chinese business community. This knowledge will be passed on to our students.

Our Advantages
1.Our teachers
Our teachers are all qualified native Chinese with degrees FROM REPUTED EDUCATIONAL CHINESE UNIVERSITIES. They are well-trained, experienced, patient, professional , who are highly efficient.
2.Our service
We try to offer the best service for our students. We do not only teach our students how to master Chinese language, but also try to be a helpful and close friend in their daily life. Besides teaching, we will also help them to adapt to the new life in China as quickly as possible.
3.Advanced teaching methods
We adopt the most advanced teaching methods and put them into practice, which can improve our students' practical Chinese successfully.
4. Tailor-made class forms
We offer two types of classes, group class and individual class.(For our group class 3 to 8 people study together, the schedule is fixed. Each week twice or three times or five times, each session 2 hours, the atmosphere is good, interactive, you can get chance to know more friends). We have day class, evening class and weekend class. We have classes to suit each individual depending on their level of the language. If you travel a lot, this kind of class perhaps is not available for you. It’s better for you to choose private class, we can fix the schedule according to your schedule.
5. Flexibility of choosing the place for class
You can choose the place for class at your convenience,at school, in your house or in your office whichever suits you.
6.Convenient transportation
Our language school is situated in Seaview plaza, which is located in sea world.
Working Time: 9:00—22:00 (except holidays)
The working time can be flexibly changed according to your request.
Our Courses
According to different levels of the students, we divide our classes into three types:
1) Elementary class
2) Intermediate class
3) Advanced class

In each type of class we have well- designed courses and colorful tasks and we take the most efficient way to help our students master Chinese as quickly as they can.

1.Survival Chinese
We offer various practical Chinese courses for our students. Our teaching materials, which cover most aspects of daily life, are easy to understand and divided into three levels----Course for beginners, Intermediate Course and Advanced Course.(The students won’t have problems upon daily communication if they finish the Course for beginners.) The students can choose the suitable teaching materials according to their Chinese levels and needs.

2.Business Chinese Courses
The Business Chinese Courses, related not just with basic and practical Chinese language, but also with practical business in China, the main teaching materials such as Gateway to Business Chinese, Etiquette of Business Chinese and Advanced Business Chinese, etc., will clear your language and culture obstacles of business and lead you become more successful. Anyway, they will become your most necessary helper upon dealing Chinese Business.

3. HSK Courses
We provide tutorial courses for the learners who need to take part in the HSK Test. In these courses we focus on the training of listening, reading, writing, oral Chinese and grammar, which will improve your testing abilities and lay solid foundation of passing HSK Test.

4. Kids Chinese Courses
We can provide various and lively Chinese Lessons for your kids, the well-prepared teaching materials such as World Young Learners’ Chinese, Happy Chinese, etc., which are very popular for the international kids because they are interesting and easy to understand.



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