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Maintenance Item :
Description :
We provide home maintenance,decoration,unlocking,etc.The door service charge 30 yuan up.
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SN Service Items Service Fee(RMB)
1 Installing a towel rack. 30
2 Installing a globose lock 30
3 Installing a ceiling fan 60
4 Installing a droplight 60
5 Installing a daylight lamp 30
6 Installing a wall lamp 30 per one
7 Installing or maintain socket or switch 30 per item
8 Installing a inside tap 30-50 per one
9 Installing the fitting of water closet 30-60 per time
10 Installing an exhaust fan 30 per one
11 Installing a dish washer 40 per one
12 Installing a ovenhood 150 per one
13 Installing a wall disinfectant cupboard 60 per one
14 Replacing a safe-guard door lock 60
15 Replacing a lock core 30 per one
16 Replacing an exhaust fan 30 per one
17 Replacing a infall valve 30 per one
18 Replacing a drainpipe,shower spray 30 per one
19 Replacing a creepage switch 30-50 per time
20 Replacing a socket 30 per one
21 Replacing a cell switch 30 per one
22 Replacing a ballast 30 per one
23 Replacing an electric meter 60 per one
24 Replacing galss 30-50 per sqm
25 Repalcing a common water tap 20 per one
26 Cleaning an air-condition(inside) 60-80/P
27 Maintaining bolt and block of door or window 15 per one
28 Maintain the fitting of water closet 30-50 per time
29 Dredging a wash basin or a sink 40-100 per time
30 Dredging a toilet(mannual) 60-200 per time
31 Inspecting and repairing power circults(common) 10 per meter
32 Inspecting and repairing power circults(complex) 15 per meter
33 Internet maintainment 60 per time
34 Connectning the telephone cable/internet cable 8 per meter
35 Inside drilling 10 per one
36 Glass drilling 30-50 per one
37 Cash payment for electricity,gas,management fees etc., 50 per time
38 Appliance internal maintenance on-site quote
39 Wall face-lifting, ceramic tile paste, maintain of wooden floor. on-site quote
40 Unlocking 80-300 per one
41 Decoration on-site quote
  1.Material self-provided.
2.Some items need on-site quote.
3.Service area:Shekou,Houhai,OCT.
4.Domestic appliance maintenance, including television, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, microwave oven,etc.



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