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  We offers problem-solving solutions and a portfolio of efficient and cost-effective services. We provide Interpretation, Translation, Localization, Writing, DeskTop Publishing (DTP), Printing, Graphic Design, and Webpage and Multimedia Design. We are committed to assisting our customers to build their brands in an increasingly sophisticated, technologically astute, and highly competitive business environment. We provides services in over 30 common languages in a variety of fields.
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  The quotation will vary from items to be translated, mainly depends on such factors as the degree of specialty and difficulty of materials to be translated, source language, target language, word count of the files to be translated and priority. We offer a competitive price with high-quality translation for each project. We'll never win customers by lowering our price at the expense of translation quality. We believe that translation is a creative process with highly professional hard work. Thus, we should respect for the mental labor of interpreters and translators and stimulate their enthusiasm for translation works. Meanwhile we have to give consideration of the interests of customers and minimize their cost. Specific price shall be subject to the requirements of the translation to be done.
Quality Overview
Until recently, there has basically been only quality translation, meaning the best a translator could reasonably offer. Translation work has strived at perfection and nothing less. Nowadays, however, demand has arisen for variation in both directions. Levels of translation quality can be described at least in the following terms:
* Raw translation
* Normal quality translation
* Extra-quality translation
* Adaptation of original text

Raw translation means a translation which conveys the central meaning of the original text. Typically, this could be translations of large amounts of scientific abstracts.

Normal quality translation corresponds roughly to the translations of old. The original text is translated fully and the translated text is grammatically correct and reasonably fluent. Typically, this could be a translation of a technical manual.

Extra-quality translation implies that the translated text is both fluent and idiomatic. The translation should be assimilated completely to the cultural context of the target language. One should not be able to recognize the translated text as a translation. Typically, this could be an advertisement brochure or a piece of literature.

Adaptation of original text is not actually the direct translation of text but the production of new text based on foreign language original(s). The resultant text need not have to correspond sentence by sentence to the originals, but may instead even have omissions or reorderings according to what the translator deems appropriate. The resultant text is expected to be fluent language.



Submitted by Anonymous on 2012-5-18
I like to chain translations. I ttrnslaae English to French to Russian to Spanish and then back to English. By then, you end up with something completely illegible and ridiculous. I like to tie the translations. He was leading the English foreign language in the French foreign language in the Russian foreign language in the Spanish foreign language and then behind in the English foreign language. In view of the fact that then, you meet something completely incomprehensibly and ridiculously. I guess it kinda makes sense


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